Installing the theme:

To install the theme go to your WordPress admin dashboard, Appearance > Themes > Add new, then search for Couture

Or simply download it from here , directly from the repository

Installing the PRO add on

You can purchase the PRO add on from here , Remember this is a PLUGIN, not a theme. You need to install it by going to PLUGINS > ADD NEW, then upload the “”

you’ll be prompted to install CMB2, do this to activate custom meta fields (for gallery). if not please go to plugins>add new then search for “CMB2”, install & activate

Adding Portfolio Items:

This feature requires the PRO ADDON plugin.

After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll now have a new custom post type called “Portfolio”, you can now add new portfolio items.

Make sure you add a featured image & select “project type”

Adding a welcome message:

To add the welcome message go to Appearance > Customizer > header image. You can add the welcome text as well a background image

Custom Logo:

You can add your own logo by going to Appearance > Customizer > Site Identity


Adding Instagram:

Make sure you’ve installed all the recommended plugins including instagram, (there should be a notice at the top of the screen since v1.0.17)

Go to appearance > Widgets

  1. you can add instagram on the side bar or canvase
  2. Add Instagram on the dedicated Instagram footer, (we strongly advice not to use this widget area with any other plugins)


If you still need help setting up the theme, you can email us at, remember to include your URL as well a detailed description of your issue. Feature only available to PRO clients.