Installing the theme:

To install the theme go to your WordPress admin dashboard, Appearance > Themes > Add new, then search for Couture

Or simply download it from here , directly from the repository

Installing the PRO add on

You can purchase the PRO add on from here , Remember this is a PLUGIN, not a theme. You need to install it by going to PLUGINS > ADD NEW, then upload the “”

you’ll be prompted to install CMB2, do this to activate custom meta fields (for gallery). if not please go to plugins>add new then search for “CMB2”, install & activate

Adding Portfolio Items:

This feature requires the PRO ADDON plugin.

After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll now have a new custom post type called “Portfolio”, you can now add new portfolio items.

Make sure you add a featured image & select “project type”

Adding a welcome message:

To add the welcome message go to Appearance > Customizer > header image. You can add the welcome text as well a background image

Custom Logo:

You can add your own logo by going to Appearance > Customizer > Site Identity


If you still need help setting up the theme, you can email us at, remember to include your URL as well a detailed description of your issue. Feature only available to PRO clients.