Front page sections

Front Page sections help you organize your homepage. There are two steps involved;

  1. Creating the Page & Content
  2. Assigning this page to the front section

STEP 1: Creating The Pages & Content

Your services, about us, Testimonials & Property pages & content need to be created FIRST before creating the front page.

Creating Pages:

Go to pages > add new, You need a title, descriptions and a featured image (these are required)


Go to Testimonials > Add New: Add title (author’s name), content and featured image (their avatar)


Go to Properties > Add New (more on properties here)



Now we can assign these pages to the front page section. Go to Appearance > Customizer > Front Page sections.

  1. Select the section (services, about, properties etc)
  2. Toggle the section “ON”
  3. Assign a section title & subtitle
  4. Select the page you created in step 1